Eagle Rock’s Headed on Spring Break — Here’s How To Reach Us

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Come next Wednesday, April 15, it’s going to look like a ghost town around the Eagle Rock School campus as staff, instructors and students take a break from the world of progressive education. Of course, our Professional Development Center will continue work with other schools over the Eagle Rock School break.

Officially, we’re calling it a spring vacation and holiday period, and we’ll all be back in our places by Sunday, May 3. But before all that free time, we’ve still got some activities planned, highlighted by this Friday’s graduation ceremonies. If you get all emotional about pomp and circumstance, you can view the graduation ceremonies live online via the Eagle Rock channel on Ustream.

ER 65 — the 65th trimester in Eagle Rock history — ends for students on Saturday, April 11. Teachers and staff members have meetings and planning days through next Tuesday, and the break begins on Wednesday.


If you find yourself with a burning desire to reach out and touch someone here at Eagle Rock, here’s your best bet: Send them an email, because some of the staff and instructors will occasionally check their messages during the spring break.

Chances are, most of us are taking advantage of this vacation time to, well, vacation, and  will have very limited availability by phone until the first week of May.

Meanwhile, the Estes Park Duck Race benefiting Eagle Rock’s Graduate Higher Education Fund, gets underway at 1 p.m. Mountain Time on Saturday, May 2. And the staff returns to our campus on Monday, May 4. Returning students show up on May 10 for the beginning of ER 66.

Regarding the Duck Race… there’s still time to purchase an entry or two, both of which will benefit our Graduate Higher Education Fund. To purchase a duck race entry online, visit the Estes Park Duck Race website today!


There will be a community meeting, all-school activities and house retreats between May 11-13, and EagleServe and the Graduate Fund Work Day are scheduled for May 14 and 15.

And as we mentioned above, while all of our students and most of our instructional staff will be on break, there’s no rest for the hard working folks in our Professional Development Center, many of whom will be on the road, working with educators in locations such as the Bronx (NY), Steubenville (OH), Rochester (NY) and Albuquerque (NM).

Our new students — or as we like to call them, ER 66’ers — arrive on campus on May 16 and classes begin on May 18.

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