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Editor’s Note: In our effort to make the Eagle Rock campus more accessible, approachable and understood by those who cannot travel to Colorado for a first-hand visit, we recently teamed up with a web development firm to build and maintain an interactive online campus tour. What follows is an introduction to this latest website feature of ours, authored by Christian Riggs of Riggs Creative.

By Christian Riggs

Here at Riggs Creative — a San Diego, Calif.-based web development and graphic design studio — we were tasked with the opportunity to create a unique and engaging way to show Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center’s website visitors what the campus is like.

We needed to capture the visual essence of the campus — its buildings, structures and other features, including the Outdoor Amphitheater and Field of Dreams. Eagle Rock’s Estes Park campus is unmatched in scenic vistas, quiet ambience and serene beauty, and the campus is expertly outfitted with features to allow students to thrive in their education.

We decided to offer an Eagle’s eye view of the campus as the way to navigate and explore. Through collaboration with Estes Park photographer Aaron Cathcart of Cathcart Photography, we were able to capture the remarkable elevated viewpoint, which we are now sharing with you (note: clicking on the image below will take you to the live version of the Interactive Campus Tour):

Eagle Rock School Online Tour

Website visitors can zoom right into specific features in the image and can view great details for each featured area of the campus. Our thoughtful approach allows you to see all the important areas on campus while appreciating the exquisite scenery of the mountain areas surrounding Estes Park.

Up until now, there were really only a couple of ways you could experience the Eagle Rock campus. You could hear about it from the educators, staff and students. Or you could schedule a visit to take in the crisp mountain-fresh air and physically explore this pristine setting yourself.

With the new Interactive Campus Tour feature on the Eagle Rock website, visitors get an eagle’s-eye view — from high in the sky — looking down on the entire campus. The view includes the winding mountain road that brings you to this remote location, to the jaw-dropping contrast of elegant evergreens and massive outcroppings of rock and boulder that accent the mountainside.

And to top it all off, your screen reveals sweeping panoramic views of Colorado’s finest mountains and skies, largely untouched by man’s quest to build and develop.

Eagle Rock’s new interactive tour allows visitors to zoom into the campus to see the details, with color coding on every structure to make it simple to explore by building type. Click or touch any marker to get a quick look, and you can click the associated “Visit” link to dive deeper into that campus feature. Learn about each building in greater detail, and enjoy a candid experience through photos, (future) videos and more. We are regularly adding new captioned photos, video and other information to create an always up-to-date presentation of this beautiful campus.

Through our assignment here, we have found Eagle Rock School and its Professional Development Center to offer an unmatched experience in education. We hope what we are presenting on the website captures the spirit of this campus just outside of beautiful Estes Park, where there is room to grow, to think, and to change the way education helps young people.

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