Everyone knows what it feels like to go to school. Want to know what it feels like to go to a great school?

Eagle Rock is excited to partner on an exciting 10-part video series chronicling the rhythms and relationships of a year in the life of one of America’s most successful public school and showcasing what powerful teaching and learning actually looks like – and requires!

A Year at Mission Hill captures the stories of a single community. But the series is designed to elevate the stories of communities across the country – and to provide a cross-platform multimedia opportunity to clarify what powerful teaching and learning actually looks like – and requires.

We love what is happening at Mission Hill, which is a K-8 school, and know Eagle Rock has something to offer when it comes to creating that powerful and effective learning community in a high school setting. We look forward to sharing what it takes to make a school great and how to sustain that greatness over time. For each Mission Hill chapter we’ll align it with our “in the trenches” work with high school students at Eagle Rock School here in Estes Park. We hope you’ll join us in this journey as we share these resources and insights consistent with our Professional Development Center and be sure to keep checking back. Watch the first episode here.

What elements do you think make great schools & what great schools should we know about?

An Innovative Model For School Improvement

The difference between the sense of hearing and the skill of listening is attention.” – Seth S. Horowitz

In a school with a comprehensive innovative vision that breaks the mold for school as we know it, I watched Michael Soguero and Dan Condon from Eagle Rock’s Professional Development Center provide a range of support that equally breaks the mold for conventional educational consulting. I returned to my own work in schools with renewed optimism in the possibilities for supporting innovative educators to achieve their visions.

Tony Monfiletto’s vision for ACE Leadership High Schools is far-reaching and significant for the field. Not just anyone could step up and match this level of creative courageous thought and commitment to action.

Michael and Dan step up. From the minute we arrived at the school, they paid attention. Throughout the three days, I saw them bring a breath of optimism, a belief in possibilities for what we can accomplish for our kids, and that we can find our way in a complex educational landscape in a diverse nation.

They backed that optimism with a wide range of experiences and learning in multiple modes of organizational and individual professional support, from education and from business and other fields. They offered a breadth of experience from schools across the country along with depth of experience from their own Eagle Rock School. Being in a school themselves, they understand the continuous challenges that keep us grounded and humble. Furthermore they offered specific field-tested examples, solutions, and stories.

Their agility was inspiring as they turned on a dime from Continue reading…