3 Eagle Rock Students Join the Ranks of ER Grads

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In terms of size, the graduating class of ER 64 didn’t produce a large congregation of students, but what the group lacks in mass, it more than makes up for in talent and potential.

Gigi Hagopian, Isaac Holmes and Cat Leger are all heading out into the world after today’s graduation ceremony here in Estes Park, Colo. — each having experienced enough personal growth and development opportunities to last most people their age a lifetime. If you’d like to watch the graduation ceremony live online, simply click Eagle Rock School Graduation starting at around 6pm Eastern Time / 3pm Pacific Time.

Eagle Rock School Trimester 64 Graduates Gigi Hagopian, Issac Holmes and Cat Leger
Eagle Rock School Trimester 64 Graduates Gigi Hagopian, Isaac Holmes and Cat Leger

In the meantime, here’s a rundown of this trimester’s graduates:

Gigi Hagopian joined us in ER 56 (the 56th trimester in the history of our school). She lived in the Spruce House here on campus, and immediately immersed herself deeply in our music and theater department. She performed in annual musicals and participated in our musical improv group, and even picked up some tips on playing drums and became particularly talented at “bucket drumming.” In fact, for the past few years, you might have seen Gigi on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder or on the downtown streets in Milwaukee displaying her talents during breaks from school.

Gigi is returning to Wisconsin after this week and plans to continue her theater studies in college.

Also from ER 56 is Isaac Holmes, a native New Yorker who became a resident of Ponderosa House, and who also displayed a passion for music. In fact, during his tenure at Eagle Rock, Isaac could often be found in the music studio creating his own mix tapes. He was also active in intramurals where he displayed some pretty amazing athletic skills — especially on the basketball court. And he was a Master student mentor, supporting Eagle Rock’s student mentorship program through his experiences and leadership skills.

Isaac will be heading back to New York where he already has plans to volunteer in local public schools. He’ll also be investigating entry into the music production industry.

Pinon House resident Cat Leger is our third ER 56 grad, and joins this musically inclined graduating class with piano, drum and guitar skills he honed at Eagle Rock during his time in our community of learners.

A highlight for Cat was helping to bring the independent studies course here at Eagle Rock to a higher level, creating new expectations and supporting his peers through the process. Each week, he would share a random fact with the community, often provoking laughter and sparking insightful conversations.

When he leaves us this week, Cat will participate in a five-week music course at Berkley School of Music in Boston — all on a scholarship. He’s applied to multiple colleges and has great interest ecological and sustainable architecture.

Please help us in acknowledging and congratulating Gigi, Isaac and Cat by leaving a message or words of encouragement using the Comment box below.

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