Eagle Rock Blueprints Describe Both Physical and Mission Projects

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A set of blueprints is most often construed as an architectural plan for a physical building project. And, in truth, we’re discussing such a construction project in today’s post that will see the first of two new buildings bringing a welcome — and needed — addition to Eagle Rock 640-acre campus in Estes Park, Colo.

But we’re also talking today about a second set of “blueprints” that specifically affects Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center’s institutional planning process. Called Vision 2020, this blueprint enables our board members and staff to fulfill our mission by carefully planning for the allocation and use of resources.


As the result of a thorough planning process conducted several years ago, our board — assisted by students and staff — adopted an updated plan that incorporates seven major areas of focus (called domains) to be carried out over a multi-year period.

These domains range from one dealing with the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion; to another describing the implementation of an academic curriculum that fosters each of our students to use their minds well to make a difference in the world. If you’d like to read more about Vision 2020 and its seven domains, please read my earlier post, News from The Rock: Vision 2020.

However, it’s the sixth domain of our institutional plan — Mission-driven Operations— that I’m writing about today. This important domain focuses attention on the health and balance of our physical space and campus facilities. And a part of that mandate is to “develop and maintain a practical facility that supports the achievement of the Eagle Rock mission.”

Which brings us to the first set of blueprints we mentioned above. We are currently beginning construction of the first of two triplex buildings slated to be built in our campus’ Living Village. The first building will include a pair of one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom apartment, as well as an adjacent common area that will be similar to the commons in the nearby student houses.


This common area is designed to be a space where meetings, programs and other activities can take place, and will be separated by a hallway and stairs so it isn’t directly connected to the living units.

The project timeline has us wrapping up construction within next 10 months, with occupancy scheduled for next April or early May. The availability of funding will determine when we will build the adjacent triplex, but hopefully that will be next year — depending on what we learn about the funding next March.


Residing in the first triplex will be Science Instructional Specialist Sara Benge, Human Performance Center Instructional Specialist Jannai Smith, and a yet to be determined student services staff member.  We are most pleased to have Sara’s house parenting experience in the living village. And as has been the case for most of the history of Eagle Rock School, it is important to have a Human Performance Center Instructional Specialist on campus, and Jannai certainly fills that role.

Both of these housing units are designed to support our Residential Life Program, with the details of these roles to be worked out over the remainder of this year.


The above landscape blueprint details the vision for both triplexes and the access road. We are building the triplex below the student housing unit known as Lodgepole this year and the second one below Pinon next year — again, assuming we have the funding.

Stay tuned for periodic updates on the project as we complete the various phases.

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Jeff_Liddle_HeadshotAbout the Author: Jeff Liddle is the head of school at the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center — a nationally recognized, tuition-free residential high school in Estes Park, Colo., that offers a second chance to students who have not been able to succeed in a traditional high school setting, and a professional development center that supports high schools nationally in re-engaging youth in their own education. As head of school, Jeff is responsible for leading Eagle Rock’s school community and its leadership team; interfacing with the organization’s board of directors; and overseeing the vision and financial health of the organization.

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