Eagle Rock Celebrates 25 Years Creatively

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Six-word-story-eagle-rock-school-4This summer marks the 25th anniversary of Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, and as might be expected, an academic challenge is among the many events planned for this celebration of 25 years of reengaging youth in their own education.

But first, a word about the festivities planned for Saturday, June 30, here on our mountainside campus in Estes Park. While specific events for the day are still being firmed up, you can count on lunch, tours of many of the 26 buildings (including engaging activities with many of the spaces within the development zone of our 640-acre campus), the opportunity to reunite with alumni and meet current students and new and veteran staff members.

And speaking of games and activities, we’re asking current and past students and staff and friends in the Eagle Rock community to submit a six-word story that best describes their experience with Eagle Rock. Why only a half-dozen words? How can anyone define an experience in six words? By concise editing, that’s how.

The idea of a six-word story was inspired by Ernest Hemingway, among America’s most famous novelists and author of such classics as Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. According to literary legend, Hemingway bet a handful of writers and editors in a bar that he could write a short story in just six words.


Slapping a ten-dollar bill on the table and grabbing a wet napkin, the inebriated writer reportedly penned his now-famous six-word offering, which read:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

His drinking buddies purportedly perused the napkin, shook their heads in amazement — and paid up.

From that tale, the “six-word story” has become a challenge to writers, encouraging them to edit their stories down to a minimum of words. In recent years, this editing example has become a trending online concept known as “flash fiction.” The only rule: Adhere to the six-word limit.


“Six-word Story,” began trending on Tumbler this year, and Reddit has supported /r/sixwordstories for the past several years. Readers have submitted hundreds of entries that range in tone from mirthful to morose.


What we’re asking Eagle Rockers to do is submit their own six-word stories as a comment to today’s blog post. Select submissions will be published on the Eagle Rock Instagram account. For inspiration, five such submissions are sprinkled throughout this post, penned by a variety of Eagle Rock stakeholders.


As for the June 30 event, more than 300 current and former students, staff, administrators and friends of Eagle Rock have already registered, and the list continues to grow each day. If you’re curious to see who has registered, you can check out that list here.

For updated information about the anniversary event, visit http://www.EagleRock25th.com.

Or you can Register to attend the 25th Anniversary event for free here.

Click here for details on lodging options. Or email eaglerock25th@eaglerockschool.org if you have additional questions.

Now, get cracking. Six words, please!

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  1. Mikal Belicove says:

    “Reengaging students in their own education.”

    “Reengaging youth in their own education.”

    “25 years of reengaging our youth.”

    “25 years of reengaging our students.”

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