Eagle Rock Documentary ‘All Who Dare’ Now Streaming on Prime Video

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The award-winning documentary film “All Who Dare,” which records the 24-day wilderness orientation experience for nine incoming Eagle Rock School students, is now available for streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video platform.

Three of the students featured in the documentary have since graduated from Eagle Rock School, including Spencer Lanier, Mohammad “Moe” Thabata, and Morgan Pierce. Each trimester — practically before they unpack their bags — we send our new students to a remote wilderness area where they spend two dozen days orientating to Eagle Rock’s values, understanding their role in self-management, and learning the skills necessary to live, learn, and cordially thrive within a community of peers.

While on the trail within the pristine Lost Creek Wilderness area of Colorado, the students featured in “All Who Dare” — along with our  school’s wilderness instructors — were filmed completing day-to-day chores, hiking, rappelling, exploring, setting up camp, and debriefing their experiences. Each student participated in one-on-one interviews with the camera crew, describing their trepidations, interactions with other students, emotions at climbing their first mountain peak, and their experience as “Leader of the Day.”

Kiera Faye of Jakfoto Films directed “All Who Dare,” and her husband, Joshua Voelker, served as the project’s director of photography. Joshua trained Jordan Cerna, one of our wilderness instructors, in the basics of cinematography, and Jordan quickly picked up some impressive skills. When tied to his close relationship with the group, the result of Jordan’s film work was a breathtakingly beautiful video that touchingly incorporates the trials and victories of its young Eagle Rock “stars” as they each experience their own rite of passage.

Over the past several years, “All Who Dare” has been screened before audiences across the country, including New York City; Los Angeles; St. Paul, Minnesota (Saint Paul Frozen Film Festival); Kings Mountain, North Carolina (Real to Reel International Film Festival); Minneapolis, Minnesota (The Mespies Film Festival) Rocky Mountain National Park; Flagstaff, Arizona; and Washington, D.C.

Among its awards and recognitions:

And now, thanks to Jakfoto Films and American Honda Motor Co., ‘All Who Dare” is available free to anyone with a subscription to Amazon Prime (which includes a subscription to the online retailer’s streaming video on demand service named Prime Video). To watch the trailer for the hour-long film, click here: Amazon Prime Video.

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