Eagle Rock Included in ‘Learning Through Experience’ Website

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When it comes to adventure-based experiential education, Eagle Rock can be counted among the leading progressive high schools in the nation. Appropriately located adjacent to the 415-square-mile Rocky Mountain National Park, our sprawling campus provides not only a location, but a starting off point for a number of adventures that, when combined with education and service, provide our youth with a student-based, rather than faculty-based experience.

Recognizing our unique role and approach, Eagle Rock is among 200 or so providers listed in a new online resource recently published by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) — http://learnthroughexperience.org. If you’re unfamiliar with AEE, it is a not-for-profit membership-based organization that advocates for the outdoor and adventure-based experiential education industry. Among its offerings are regional and international conferences, a robust publishing program that includes the Journal of Experiential Education, and an accreditation program that identifies, publishes and upholding standards to improve professional practice in the field of experiential education.


As an AEE accredited program, Eagle Rock is proud to be listed in the Learning Through Experience directory, which helps consumers find experiential education providers around the world. Like AEE itself, Eagle Rock believes that well-planned backcountry experiences and structured experiential learning opportunities lead to students having the potential to gain meaningful lessons by engaging actively in an adventure and challenging themselves to take initiative, responsibility and make good decisions.

Such lessons are made even more personal when, like we do here at Eagle Rock, they occur in natural settings like wilderness. As a result, we think it’s important for our students to actively experience adventures, especially ones which enables them to draw crucial meaning from the experience. An experiential approach such as this one encourages students to be engaged in their own education — actually owning that education rather than sitting solely in a classroom setting absorbing information from teacher-driven lectures.

We encourage you to visit the Learning Through Experience website and see our listing, among others.

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