Eagle Rock Seeks a Seasoned Professional Development Associate

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We’ve been going through the process of filling several positions recently here at Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center (PDC), and this time around we’re looking for an experienced facilitator of adult professional development with classroom experience and know-how in progressive education reform models.

The Professional Development Center Associate we seek will serve on our renowned Professional Development Center team, joining fellow associates in crisscrossing the nation to visit high schools, school districts and other organizations seeking to institute progressive approaches to engaging young people in their own education.

(Image ©2017 by Michael Soguero)
(Image ©2017 by Michael Soguero)

Our objective in the area of professional development is to accelerate change in public education through an asset-based approach with partners in education nationwide who continually ask us to return in order to facilitate the design and change processes at their schools and organizations.

Qualifications for this position includehaving a bachelor’s degree in education or related degrees, with a master’s degree preferred. Also preferred is five years of teaching experience in a progressive school atmosphere, and extensive experience working with adolescents.

We’re also focusing on candidates with strong organizational skills, leadership abilities, and experience working with diverse populations of staff and students — especially youngsters who may not have been all that successful in a traditional school environment. One needs to balance the above with an ability to work and thrive in a residential learning community.

Our successful candidate will be tasked with the following six major areas of responsibility:

  1. Designing and facilitating of professional development and change processes and then delivering these programs to education partners at progressive schools and institutions throughout the country.
  2. Measuring and reporting success.
  3. Overseeing our accreditation processes.
  4. Developing new approaches to the dissemination of our work.
  5. Engaging as a fully-vested member of our professional development team, which includes but is not limited to supporting student presentations of learning, contributing blog posts to the Eagle Rock Blog, and recruiting candidates for the Public Allies fellowship we host on an annual basis.
  6. Engaging as a member of our residential school community, which includes but is not limited to serving in a student advisory role, taking on evening and weekend duty, participating in community meetings and service projects, as well as a willingness to serve as a residential house parent should the need arise.

If all of this sounds inviting, then please submit a brief cover letter, a resume, a brief skills self-assessment that indicates results produced in each of the six major areas of responsibility listed above, and three professional references (including reference phone number and email address). Send that information to info@eaglerockschool.org.

If you have questions, address them to Michael Soguero, Director of Professional Development, by email using msoguero@eaglerockschool.org. Please don’t call. Also, we do not accept paper or faxed materials.

If all goes according to plan, we’d like the new Professional Development Center Associate to be on campus and ready to work beginning Sept. 3, but — much like our approach to re-engaging youth in their own education — we’re flexible.

Our interest here is to find the right fit for our unique form of education and professional development. Since it’s not a race, we’ve set an application deadline of May 25, with phone interviews to be conducted May 28 through June 8. Three-day onsite interviews will run throughout June and July.

Good luck, everyone!

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