Eagle Rock Staff, Students Adapting to Era of Online Educating

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We just finished up the eightieth trimester (ER 80) since our founding in the early-1990s, which we closed with a wonderful week of reflection and celebration. While you’ll be able to learn more about that final week of ER 80 in future updates published here on the Eagle Rock Blog, today we want to share more about the learning experiences we’ve designed for students during our foray into virtual learning in the time of COVID-19.

As previously described in Eagle Rock School Moves Online for the Time of COVID-19, we continue to ensure that the learning we design for our students is flexible and engaging, especially as they adjust to learning from home. Thanks to our quick-on-their-feet staff that worked hard and fast to create and facilitate new educational opportunities, students have had a variety of learning experiences to choose from and have demonstrated incredible commitment and flexibility as they transition to distance learning.

Some previous learning experiences have continued, including Fitness: Anytime, Anywhere, which features fitness challenges ranging from simply finding something active to do, to the 10-touch toilet paper challenge, where students and staff members attempt to Hacky Sack a roll of toilet paper — or maybe less valuable objects — 10 consecutive times. In addition, students, instructors, and other interested Eagle Rock staff have been posting online about their workouts. Such posts have included videos showing Eagle Rockers doing pushups, screenshots from running apps, and reports from workout apps.

The community-building aspect has been a huge success with our students. In fact, one fan-favorite has been Student Services Program Specialist/Explore Week Coordinator Annie Kelston’s video of herself performing weighted pushups with her toddler on her back.

For today’s post, we’re pleased to highlight several of our latest learning experiences, including:

Music and Social Movements led by Josán Perales (World Languages Instructional Specialist) and Cedric Josey (Societies & Cultures Instructional Specialist)

This learning experience is a continuation of the 10-week class Josán and Cedric began teaching in January for the Engaged Global Citizen power standard. The students enrolled for this experience are exploring how music tells people’s history and how music is an agent for social change.

But Then You Read led by Brett Youngerman (Literacy & Literature Instructional Specialist) and Mary Loomis (2019/20 Public Allies Fellow In Literature & Literacy)

This learning experience is a continuation of Brett and Mary’s 10-week power standard class for the Expanding Knowledge Base credit. Focusing on young adult coming-of-age novels, Brett and Mary are reading and discussing this genre and exploring its enduring theme across different cultures.

Art Challenge! led by Cindy Elkins (Art Instructional Specialist) and Michelle Franco (2019/2020 Public Allies Teaching Fellow In Visual Arts)

Here, students are making any and all kinds of art across mediums that speak to them. They are sharing photos, videos, and writings with one another about their creations and seeking inspiration from what others share and post.

Exponential Infection: Math of WHY the Virus Spreads so Quickly led by Steph Subdíaz (Interim Math Instructional Specialist)

Steph is helping students demystify why COVID-19 has spread across the globe so fast by facilitating their own understanding of exponential growth and functions. They are also analyzing other global phenomena that exhibit exponential growth.

Written Records led by Mary Loomis

Written Records aims to strengthen students’ writing through daily free write prompts that demonstrate writing’s powerful forms of processing. These writing prompts prepare students for a culminating creative writing requirement.

Learn Spanish through Latin Music led by Joan Cordova (2019/2020 Public Allies Fellow In Residential Life)

Joan’s learning experience helps students become more active listeners of Latin music. Together, students and Joan are working to translate some of the most popular Spanish songs on the radio and understand their cultural contexts.

Kitchen Time led by Ed Perry (Chef/Instructor), John Marshall (Cook/Instructor), Carlos Perez (Chef/Instructor), and Annie Kelston

The chef instructional team, along with Annie, is guiding students through the processes of reading and writing recipes, following along cooking tutorials, and cooking up their favorite foods.

#LeaveYourLegacy led by Jocelyn Rodriguez (Athletics Coordinator)

Athletics coordinator Jocelyn Rodriguez facilitates our students as they reflect of their experiences at Eagle Rock, supporting them in making meaning of their time at the school so far. Students are writing about their experiences and work together to compile them into a book.

Become a Chess Master led by Tommy McAree (Special Projects) and Chris Iafrati (Human Performance Center Adjunct Instructor)

Students in this learning experience use a website to learn and practice the abstract strategy game of chess, try different approaches, compete with one another, and learn about the history and diffusion of the game of chess across the globe.

Song Writing led by Lucia Sicius (2019/2020 Public Allies Fellow In Residential Life)

Lucia is supporting students in learning about song structure, mixing, and creating music with others. Together, the group is writing a song together by having participants submit their own sections of the song and creating it into one consolidated piece of music.

Uncomfortability of Freedom led by Dr. Courthney Russell, Jr. (Residential Life Program Coordinator ) and Chris Lamar (School Counselor)

Courthney and Chris are making space for students and staff to discuss ways to keep morale high during uncertain times. Additionally, they are holding conversations around current events and interpreting them.

ER 80 Wilderness Photo Book led by Amelia la Plante Horne (2019/2020 Public Allies Teaching Fellow In Outdoor Education)

As the Outdoor Education fellow, Amelia is working with interested students from the ER 80 wilderness orientation trip by curating photos from their three-week expedition in order to create a photo book. Alongside the photos will be titles, captions, and quotes from wilderness students and staff.

So, You Wanna Be an Outdoor Educator led by Eliza Kate Wicks-Arshack (Outdoor Education Specialist)

Eliza is supporting students who are interested in working in outdoor education. Here, in this learning experience, she is providing access to a variety of resources, such as résumé building, networking opportunities with outdoor education professionals, and insight into job applications.

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