Eagle Rock Students and Staff Taking a Breather Until Next Year

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Beginning a few days ago, our mountainside campus took on the appearance of a sparsely populated village rather than a vibrant education hub inhabited by students who want to reengage in their own education and instructors who want to support them.

It’s winter break — officially marked last Friday when our latest graduates picked up their diplomas during ceremonies in our Human Performance Center. Our student body left campus last Saturday, followed by educators and staff members who packed up their work for the trimester and headed out for the holidays.


Oh, there will be a few instructors and staff members on campus during the break, but for the majority of our community, it’s an opportunity to take a breather from the day-to-day work we do here at Eagle Rock, taking time to visit friends and family and mentally regrouping for ER 71, (our 71st trimester since our founding in the early-1990s).

Most of the staff returns to campus on Monday, Jan. 9, but many of our Professional Development Center and Instructional members will immediately be attending and presenting at the School Reform Initiative Winter Meeting in Denver from Jan., 11 through 14.

On Sunday, Jan 15, we’ll be welcoming back returning students, who will immediately dive into house retreats that are scheduled Monday, Jan. 16 through Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Juniper & Ponderosa houses will participate in a Ski & Ride school at Beaver Creek Resort on Tuesday, Jan.17. We’ll have a future post about house retreats soon.

As you can see, most of us will be actively engaged with vacation and school activities off campus during the break, but there are ways to get in touch with one of our staff members if you find it absolutely necessary. You can email the staff member in the hopes that that person is responding to messages during break.

And you can check here for answers to frequently asked questions.

Meanwhile, we hope you and your family and loved ones will enjoy the holidays as much as we are.

(Photo: ©2016 Dan Hoffman)

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