EagleServe: Helping Others in Order to Help Ourselves

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Even a cursory glance the Eagle Rock mission and philosophy gives the casual observer the indication that Service with a capital “S” is of primary importance to what takes place here at the Eagle Rock School. We want to develop future leaders who will use their education to change the world — for the better.


And nothing better illustrates this than our two-day EagleServe events, which are scheduled each trimester like clockwork with the intended goal of serving the Eagle Rock community, as well as the nearby community of Estes Park and the greater Estes Valley.

These are well-planned events where students and staff join up with members of the community, working side by side in the planning, creating and implementing of a variety of projects.

We think it’s vitally important for our veteran students to reconnect with the community and for our newer students to become familiar with our neighbors by stepping outside of themselves to help a variety of people. We choose to incorporate staff into EagleServe — not as supervisors, but to take part in a shared experience with the students.

And that experience, of course, is serving others. We like the oxymoron that you can best help yourself by helping others. It just has a nice ring to it.

Community can be as large or as small as a person wants it to be. What EagleServe does is expand this concept, enabling students and staff to take ownership of helping others outside their own familiar circle of friends.

In past EagleServe projects, we have worked on student action plans to improve our campus. We’ve also spruced up trails in our adjacent wilderness areas, built a straw bale structure, raked up tons of leaves in the yards of older residents of our community, and much more.

These projects and services aren’t limited to a couple of days at the start of each trimester. Through service at Eagle Rock — and an abundance of volunteer endeavors — we continue to develop young citizens who view leadership as a collaborative effort.


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  1. velma bolyard says:

    both ian and hannah graduated ers with hundreds of service learning hours. i have to say, from the parent’s point of view, this taught them better than i could how to work hard and why that work is so important. they inspire me with their energy and commitment to task. in turn, i volunteer my own high school special ed students for many service projects that other teachers in my school comment favorably on. suddenly service learning is something they are asking me about. and i explain about ers.

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