Engaged Global Citizen As Part Of Eagle Rock’s 5 Expectations

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Teacher_LoungeA quick glance at the curriculum here at Eagle Rock School illustrates how we insist our students take charge — and take possession — of their own learning experiences and responsibilities. As a value-driven school, we encourage our students to concentrate heavily on mastering certain competencies.

Among these competencies is a fundamental philosophy that we call “8 + 5 = 10.” That’s eight themes, five expectations and 10 commitments that are a roadmap of sorts, intended to shape daily experiences both on campus and off.

Specifically, among the five expectations are:

  1. Learning to communicate effectively
  2. Expanding one’s knowledge base
  3. Become an engaged global citizen
  4. Acquiring leadership skills in order to achieve justice
  5. Creating healthy life choices

A few weeks ago we told you about Expanding Knowledge Base as Part of Eagle Rock’s 5 Expectations. In today’s post, we’re going to tackle the intricacies of the third expectation: evolving into engaged global citizens. And what is it that we expect from these newly emerging global citizens?

This expectation is based on a worldwide plan of action, where we encourage our students to develop skills and knowledge in order to concentrate on peaceful, productive interactions with global issues within the context of cultural and ecosystem diversity.

What are some of these issues? According to the non-profit Peace Jam a Denver-based nonprofit that we align with very closely, especially as it relates to helping our students become engaged global citizens — these issues include:

  • Ending racism and hate
  • Halting the spread of global disease
  • Eliminating extreme poverty
  • Equal access to water and other natural resources
  • Social justice and human rights for all
  • Rights for women and children, and their role as leaders
  • Restoring earth’s environment
  • Controlling the proliferation of weapons
  • Investing in human security
  • Breaking the cycle of violence

What specifically contributes to each Eagle Rock student achieving Engaged Global Citizen Power Standard credit? In many of our classes, there’s research and analysis of a specific global issue, followed by development of a reflective response to that particular issue or event. Following that research and response, Eagle Rock students are expected to present their findings and reflect on the specific issue in writing and in an oral presentation.

By performing this task, our students demonstrate a commitment to creating a more just, sustainable and peaceful global future through means that are transferable to other youth, schools and communities.

Specifically, Eagle Rock students take on a global issue that’s of interest to them and study its history, meaning and significance by perusing newspaper articles, magazines, documentary films, books, podcasts and blog posts. Next comes a comprehensive written report on the issue, as well as an oral presentation — both intended to educate, inform and persuade others to similarly address that particular global issue or event.

The result of all this intense concentration on global issues is a student who is open minded; has learned to connect with people and events on a global basis through technology; has acquired knowledge of world history, politics, religion and culture; and has learned how to successfully conduct an open and respectful dialogue with individuals from different cultures, religions and lifestyles.

In other words, they have become engaged global citizens.

Check back soon for another blog post about our 5 Expectations. In fact, if there’s a specific expectation you’d like us to write about next, please use the Comment section below to indicate which expectation that might be.

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