Meet the Team: Joel ‘Shortz’ Ziegler, Eagle Rock Facilities Maintenance Crewmember

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Joel ‘Shortz’ Ziegler
Joel ‘Shortz’ Ziegler

His mom might have named him Joel, but pretty much everybody calls him Shortz. His job here at Eagle Rock entails keeping everything safe, in working order, and looking good. And all it takes is one look at our beautiful mountainside campus to know that Shortz’ is really good at his job!

As is required of everyone who works here, Shortz loves learning. And like most everyone else, he wishes Eagle Rock had been around when he was in high school!

Get to know Shortz by reading his profile below:

Eagle Rock: What did you do prior to coming to work for Eagle Rock?

Shortz: I’ve been in Estes Park since the summer of 2000. For most of that time I worked in a lot of departments at the YMCA here in Estes Park. I spent a few years in the programs department, teaching outdoor education, and I facilitated many family programs. The last several years at the “Y” were spent in buildings and grounds, where I learned everything I could about grounds and buildings maintenance.

Eagle Rock: What attracted you to Eagle Rock?

Shortz: I heard a lot about what was happening out here and what Eagle Rock was about. And I’ve always wanted what I did for a living to make a difference in this world. I think this school epitomizes giving young adults a good place to grow and better themselves — and they get an education, too! I feel blessed to get paid to do what I love at a place that is making such a difference in the lives of our future.

Eagle Rock: When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Shortz: I like traveling, mountain biking, downhill biking, climbing, camping, hiking, working on cars or trucks — helping people out with what I know how to do.

Eagle Rock: What reality TV should you be on and why would you win or be kicked off?

Shortz: I dislike Reality TV, but I do enjoy Fantasy and Sci-fi.

Eagle Rock: What’s your all-time favorite Eagle Rock success story?

Shortz: I don’t know if I could pick just one. To see the difference in every single graduate — and even some who didn’t graduate — is mind blowing. To see how much people have bettered themselves is amazing to me.

Eagle Rock: What’s one thing not many people know about you?

Shortz: I think I’m pretty much an open book. I wish more of the students knew what sarcasm is and didn’t take me so seriously. I think people can tell when I’m actually serious, which isn’t very often.

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