#GivingTuesday Donations Offer a Boost and Benefit for Eagle Rock Graduates

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Now in its eighth year, “Giving Tuesday” is the highly successful movement to promote an international day of charitable giving during the holidays. Here at Eagle Rock, it offers the possibility of being a boon for our school’s graduates, who leave our fold fully engaged in their own education and in search of successful and fulfilling futures which often involve further education and/or technical training.

Originally called “Cyber Giving Monday,” this nonprofit-focused effort urges patrons and donors alike to use the Internet to make charitable contributions to worthy organizations as a different approach to taking advantage of online holiday gift purchases. The year after it launched in 2011, the movement was renamed “Giving Tuesday,” and moved a day later to avoid competition with Cyber Monday.

We’re unabashedly and gratefully grabbing onto this altruistic gift-giving opportunity by encouraging members of the Eagle Rock Community to contribute on this day. When giving to us, the proceeds from such generous gifts go directly into support for our graduating students through the Eagle Rock Graduate Higher Education Fund.

Last week, Jeff Liddle, our Head of School, released a letter to supporters, urging them to continue this new tradition of giving during the holidays, and especially on Giving Tuesday. Here’s some of what Jeff expressed:

Last year, Eagle Rock celebrated its 25th anniversary, and as we move into our second 25, we’ve been reflecting on how to best set our students up for the future. For most, that future includes additional education beyond high school. 

On Aug. 9, 2019, we graduated the largest class in Eagle Rock history! As it is with each graduating group, it was a lot of fun to share the stage with such unique, passionate, and creative Eagle Rockers. Each of the 10 students who received their high school diplomas that day worked hard to reach that particular milestone in their education. As all of our graduates do, each leveraged their strengths and challenges, using them as steppingstones on the journey of transforming their lives. I couldn’t be more inspired!

I take every graduating class out for a nice dinner during their final week on campus, continuing a long-standing tradition that our founding head of school, Robert Burkhardt started. Besides the graduation ceremony, that meal is one of my all-time favorite things to do. We share so many stories, laugh, cry, and dream. Students share their plans and for one special night, we imagine it is all possible; knowing that likely, the biggest hurdle they face is the price tag of higher education.

The silver lining is that many of our students are finding success through a transition to community college. That route is often a better transition and is much more cost effective than the situation associated with a four-year college immediately after Eagle Rock. And with the support of our Graduate Higher Education Fund, the cost of community college has actually become very possible for our graduating students.

Of course, our students also attend four-year schools, trade schools, graduate schools, and receive technical training to pursue careers like those found in outdoor education. One of our 2017 graduates, Levi Sage, completed training to do maintenance work on those massive windmills scattered across the windy western landscape, so our graduates do find some of the coolest things to do!

Despite all the challenges we see in our world these days, rest assured that there are Eagle Rockers who are working hard to make a positive difference in the world. And you are part of that. When you donate online or write a check for the Graduate Higher Education Fund, you are not just sending money, you are giving energy to hope. Your support means a world of difference for our grads as they pursue their dreams.

If you are an ardent supporter of our school, you already endorse our mission of serving youth who, when they arrive on our campus adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park, are not yet thriving in their current situations and for whom few positive options for a quality high school education previously existed. Through our progressive approach to high school education — one which is based on uniquely reengaging youth in their own education — we see these young people become interested in learning, experiencing positive community relations, and taking control of their lives.

Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2019) enables you to target a gift to our departing graduates as they pursue a future that is based — to a large degree — by what they take away from our nationally recognized high school.

Please consider giving as much as you’re comfortably able by sending a tax-deductible gift by check to Eagle Rock School (Attention: Graduate Fund), 2750 Notaiah Road, Estes Park CO 80517, or by making a donation online using our secure Graduate Higher Education Fund donation form. Donations of any size are appreciated, and gifts are tax-deductible (with all donors receiving a letter from us that can be used for year-end tax purposes).

As Jeff shared in his letter, thank you so much for investing in our future. Your support truly makes a difference.

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