Highlighting 4 More Classes Offered in the Second Half of ER-82

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This week, we’d like to give you a glimpse at some of the class offerings available to students during this, the second half of the 82nd trimester. You might notice references in these class descriptions below that talk about Individual Learning Plans (ILP), Power Standards, Distribution Requirements, and Required Experiences.

If you’re new to Eagle Rock, we feel compelled to fill you in on these terms and what exactly is required from each member of our student body before graduation. First off, a student’s Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is just that — individual and personal. It is made up of three sections, including Power Standards, Distribution Requirements, and Required Experiences.

When we talk about Power Standards, these are proficiency requirements in each of our Five Expectations — Healthy Life Choices, Effective Communication, Engaged Global Citizen, Leadership for Justice, and Expanding Knowledge Base. These standardized graduation “musts” can be attained via successfully completing a select class offering, or independent study projects.

For Distribution Requirements, students must meet proficiency standards for at least 24 credits. Those include two credits for each of the Five Expectations, with the remaining 14 earned in other classes. Work performed outside the classroom can garner another two credits. All Eagle Rock classes offer distribution credits, so students have the opportunity to participate in many such experiences.

For more details about Power Standards, please consider reading The Role of Power Standards in this Trimester’s Class Offerings. And for Distribution Requirements, check out Distribution Requirements Play a Big Role in This Trimester’s Latest Class Offerings.

Here then are the four classes we’d like to tell you about:

Reflect, Connect, and Make Music: In this class, students are focusing on current events in order to connect to music through the use of reflection, expression, and connection. With the help of Societies and Cultures Instructional Specialist Cedric Josey and 2020/2021 Public Allies Fellow Matisyn Darby, students are exploring songs and music that express their own feelings, their identity and their various cultures. They’re also learning the elements of songwriting, with the entire class creating an original musical piece. Successful completion of this class qualifies students for the Effective Communication Power Standard in Music & Current Events.

Nothing Matters: Breaking Math Rules with Zero: Because of the number zero, mathematicians sent rockets to the moon and fried the USS Yorktown’s propulsion system. Students in this class are breaking the rules in order to understand why the number zero is such a hero. They are investigating the origins of the number zero, and why it was considered nothing for so long in the Greco-Roman era. Math Instructional Specialist Stephany Subdiaz, and 20021 Public Allies fellow Mitaali Taskar, are teaching this class. Successful completion qualifies students for the Expanding Knowledge Base Distribution Requirement in Algebra.

Deviance and Social Control: Taught by Athletics Coordinator Jocelyn Rodriguez, and 2021 Public Allies fellow, Nathaniel Phillips, students in this class are examining why society terms some people and groups as deviants, leaving us to decide to either assimilate from society or deviate from social behavior. This class is even exploring the Eagle Rock community to better understand its nonconformist subculture. Successful completion of this class qualifies students for the Engaged Global Citizen Distribution Requirement — English & Social Studies.

Human Sexuality/Independent Study: This class provides an independent study style learning experience for students who are continuing work from a class in the first five weeks to pursue the Power Standard credit. It is also for students who want to earn their Human Sexuality credit. Taught by Science Instructional Specialist Sara Benge, and 2020/2021 Public Allies Fellow Dan Marigny, this class provides independent work time that enables each student to work on projects and assignments at their own pace.

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