Hiring our First-ever Learning Specialist

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We’re pleased to announce that if all goes according to plan, the first-ever Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center Learning Specialist will join our Instructional Team by Sept. 2 of this year. This new position, which was created to ensure all Eagle Rock School students receive the academic support they need, calls for someone possessing an entrepreneurial disposition (to help us, in sense, co-create the new role).

Reporting to our director of curriculum, the learning specialist will be responsible for serving students with learning needs by means of creating and managing learning plans, directing tutoring and instruction, and coaching our instructional specialists in new and emerging learning techniques.

To accomplish these and other responsibilities, the successful candidate should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Special Education or a related field. Applicants should also have experience in progressive models of education at the high school level and have participated in a successful Learning Specialist program — or better yet, have experience in building such a program — in the past.

Additional responsibilities the new staff member will take on include:

  • Evaluate and manage academic records to ensure Eagle Rock can serve applicants
  • Facilitate student testing as needed
  • Manage student learning profiles
  • Maintain updated learning profiles for all students, integrated with our case management system
  • Provide a snapshot of learning profiles to teachers before classes commence
  • Support students in leveraging strengths to overcome challenges
  • Meet one-on-one with students to create success strategies
  • Provide one-on-one or small group tutoring/study sessions as needed
  • Support instructional specialists to provide appropriate interventions and instructional approaches
  • Consult with instructional specialists to support student success in classes
  • Observe classrooms and provide feedback to improve differentiation and interventions
  • Teach one course per trimester, focused on foundational skills such as literacy, numeracy, and study/organizational skills
  • Collect, analyze and facilitate testing — including College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA) and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
  • Maintain IEPs and 504s to send to colleges and work with our school counselor to ensure all students with IEPs and 504s have post-secondary plans
  • Serve as an advisor to a small group of students, supporting their academic and personal growth

A strong sense of humor goes a long way here at Eagle Rock, as do strong organizational and leadership skills. Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds is a huge plus, as is an understanding and acceptance of students from low-income backgrounds, LGBTQ students and, of course, students from diverse racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds — especially those who may not have done well in a traditional school setting.

Finally, our successful candidate will also need to cheerfully take on other campus tasks, including becoming an active member of one of our residential house teams. There will be evening student program team work once a week, participation in intramural events, community meetings, service projects, driving and other chores related to maintaining a healthy and vibrant community. And if you happen to have hidden artistic, musical or outdoors skills, we can always take advantage of those specialties.

If you meet the criteria and want to apply, please submit a cover letter, resume, and three professional references that include phone numbers and email addresses to info@eaglerockschool.org. We don’t have time for phone calls, paper or fax materials. We only accept electronic submissions.

Deadline for applications is May 1, with phone interviews between May 2 and May 10. Onsite interviews are scheduled to occur between May 13 and May 24, and a start date for the successful applicant on Sept. 2.

For a full job description, please visit the Learning Specialist page in the Employment section of our website.

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