Meet The Team: Eagle Rock Tech Associate, Daniel Madson

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Our tech associate Daniel Madson’s days are spent resolving matters of how to and why. He manages the network, computer resources and peripherals here at Eagle Rock, and develops and maintains our school’s database, as well as manages our audiovisual resources, all the while keeping a close eye on our Learning Resource Center.

On a good day, he’s able to supply solutions and considerable thought to all of those how tos and whys that keep him deep in the bowels of the tech side of our world. He’s also a proud member of Aspen House.

Meet Daniel Madson:

Eagle Rock: What did you do prior to coming to work for Eagle Rock?

Daniel: Well, I’ve been in the Estes Park (Colo.) area for 27 years. The bulk of that time was spent at the YMCA of The Rockies where I worked as a housekeeper, painter and conference services team member. I culminated my career at the “Y” as Conference Services Manager. Although not educationally related, I believe it was my years spent at the YMCA that best prepared me for my time at Eagle Rock. My experiences in working with young adults and an internationally diverse staff have proven very valuable to me in navigating the Eagle Rock community. I have many wonderful friendships and memories as a result of my 15 years at the “Y”.

I also spent six years at Valhalla Resort here in Estes Park. It was a small family operated not my family, of course — vacation resort. It was the kind of place where everyone shared in all tasks, from the owners to the freshest summer hire. We all worked very closely together. It was really like being part of a family with its triumphs and tribulations. It was at Valhalla where I started to venture into the world of IT, where by necessity I built their first website and helped with troubleshooting the reservation system and other computer/network issues.

Eagle Rock: What attracted you to Eagle Rock?

Daniel: Years ago, Eagle Rock didn’t have a full time technology position. As technological needs and demands evolved, it was determined that Eagle Rock should develop a fulltime position to meet those needs and demands. Technology skills aside, my experiences and the concept of community at the YMCA and Valhalla helped my realize Eagle Rock would be a good fit for me.

Eagle Rock: When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Daniel: I love city simulation games. They provide a great distraction and really help me recharge. They also help me come to grips with my god complex. I also enjoy exploring the science behind the brewing arts with my brotherinlaw. Thermodynamics, chemistry, biology and artistic license. It is an entire curriculum. Finally, and kind of goes without saying, I enjoy taking in the beauty of our Rocky Mountain surroundings whenever I can.

Eagle Rock: What reality TV show should you be on and why would you win or be kicked off?

Daniel: I am not a watcher of reality TV or its close cousin, the contest show. The feigned peril and arbitrary madeforTV deadlines are too much for me to bear. If I could choose to be a character in a quality, wellscripted and produced drama or comedy, I would choose Chris Stevens from Northern Exposure. Local DJ, on air philosopher, confident and spiritual guide of Arrowhead County Alaska. I would likely get kicked off for expressing on the air ideas and memes that conflicted with idealistic morality of the station’s manager and owner, Maurice Minnifield.

Eagle Rock: What’s your all-time favorite Eagle Rock success story?

Daniel: Working with Jeff Liddle and Michael Soguero in designing and developing the curriculum component of the Eagle Rock School database is one of my all-time favorite success stories. It involved sorting out the relationships between courses, course credit, learning experience records (LERs), and students and instructors in order to automate the process of creating individualized learning plans (ILPs), transcripts and course histories. I was challenged to push my knowledge and skill level in implementing FileMaker Pro databases. It helped me develop strong working relationships with Eagle Rock staff. The greatest success for me, as result of that project, was that I developed a strong understanding and appreciation of how curriculum works here at Eagle Rock.

Eagle Rock: What’s one thing not many people know about you?

Daniel: Many years ago, in 1986, Mother Teresa visited the YMCA of the Rockies — as part of a World Youth Conference, I believe. As I was standing next to her stage right, maybe stage left, in the Walter G. Ruesch Auditorium, I asked her, “How’s it going?” She did not respond.

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