Meet the Team: Megan Rebeiro, Director of Students

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Megan RebeiroMegan Rebeiro is the perfect example of a life coming around full circle. This Eagle Rock School graduate returned to Estes Park in 2016 as our director of students, succeeding Philbert Smith who retired after 23 years of Eagle Rocking.

Today, it is Megan who oversees a range of responsibilities related to student services conducted outside of the classroom, which places her exactly opposite of where she was in the scheme of things just 20 years ago as a fledgling high school student.

Prior to her return to Eagle Rock, this Massachusetts native was a program consultant working directly with our Head of School, Jeff Liddle, on special projects. And she prides herself with her work as sponsor to a number of students over the past five-plus years.

In her own words:

Eagle Rock: What exactly is it that you do at Eagle Rock?

Megan Rebeiro: As the director of students, I serve as a member of the leadership team overseeing the student services team, which includes Admissions, our wilderness programming, the kitchen, Wellness, Life After Eagle Rock, Residential Life including houseparents, evening programs, and service. This means that I make sure students have a fully integrated holistic experience and are prepared to make a difference in the world. My No. 1 priority is to love the students and partner with them to ensure their Eagle Rock School experience is as transformational as possible.

Eagle Rock: What is your favorite Eagle Rock School success story?

Megan: Some of my favorite memories include watching the new students run in from their 25-day wilderness orientation trip, and seeing graduates deliver their final Presentations of Learning (POL) — a tradition that serves as a sort of ‘master thesis’ at the high school level. Our students impress me daily and these two moments in time really highlight their growth and brilliance.

I also love the magic of the expected moments that occur here on campus. You can walk up to any student and see his or her power and willingness to push beyond the limits. I also appreciate that we have the space to focus on both personal and academic growth while building community.

Eagle Rock: What exactly did you do for work before arriving at Eagle Rock?

Megan: I spent the last 10 years working in various educational nonprofit leadership roles. I love partnering with young people and have always found ways to stay connected to them. In whatever role I have held, I always stayed connected to Eagle Rock and have even been a student sponsor for many years.

Eagle Rock: What super power do you have or would you like to have?

Megan: If I could have any super power, it would be to fly around the world spreading love and light. No matter the question, I believe love is the answer.

Eagle Rock: What’s something most people would be surprised to know about you?

Megan: That my favorite dish is called Manchupa, which is made with samp (hominy), highly seasoned meats, grains, greens and beans. I grew up eating this traditional Cape Verdean dish every week with my family. Most people don’t know that my family comes from the Cabo Verde Island, which is an African island chain off the west coast of Africa. In 2005, my sister Khepe-Ra and I made a personal trip back to the motherland where my grandparents originated.

Eagle Rock: What reality television show would you like to be on and why would you win or be the first person kicked off?

Megan: I have been watching “Life Below Zero” on Netflix — a show about the survival and hardships of living in the Alaskan wilderness. I’m not sure why I love it so much and I wouldn’t last long on my own in the wild. Maybe I am reliving the joy of my wilderness trip back in the Winter of 1996 (ER-8, as my incoming group of new students is known). The truth is, some part of me always liked the idea of living off grid, but I would prefer a tropical climate.

Eagle Rock: Please tell us about your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Megan: I love to read and I can’t pass a bookstore without going inside. I also love collecting rocks, crystals and gemstones. In fact, I once taught an Explore Week class (ROCK Your Power) here at Eagle Rock, where students learned about crystals. If you see me, I always have rocks either in my pocket or as jewelry. I have gemstones on my desk and in the house. I never leave home without one or 10.

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  1. Kevin Skipper says:

    Hey Meghan! How goes it? Happened by here looking for Philbert and found you! Congrats on the DOS position. That’s Wild! Anyway, gimme a holler sometime. Peace. -Kevin Skipper ER-11

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