Reflecting on Eagle Rock’s Past and Looking Ahead to the New Decade

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The holiday break is drawing to a close and here at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, our instructors, staff, administrators, and students will be trickling back onto campus next week as the New Year — and a new decade — get underway.

Recently, there has been a flurry of debate on social sites claiming the new decade doesn’t officially begin until next Jan.1, but proponents of that notion forget that there was no Year Zero when the current era began more than 2,000 years ago. As a result, some may feel that all decades, centuries, and Millenia begin with Year 1.

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Now that we have put that silly debate to rest, here’s a quick look at Eagle Rock’s past, and what the future holds for our school and Professional Development Center (PDC).

Back in the spring of 1989, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. contributed ideas and funds for what would become the Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center. Its vision was for an educational organization that would focus the interest of young people on community, integrity, and citizenship. And it targeted youth who weren’t exactly fitting into the mold demanded in a traditional high school setting.

In addition, through close coordination with other school districts and educational organizations, our PDC team was tasked with  offering professional development opportunities that would strengthen other schools nationwide.

What followed was the hiring of a Head of School, directors of curriculum, students, and operations, and Eagle Rock’s first instructional specialists. Ground was broken in September of 1992 and the first students arrived a year later. We celebrated our first graduating class in April of 1995.

Next week marks the beginning of our 80th trimester (ER-80). And the plan is to continue our decades-long mission of engaging young people in their own education.

What that entails is an emphasis on our philosophy that “Eight Plus Five Equals Ten.” Specifically, we have eight themes that serve as guideposts for our overall school design. These themes will continue to be monitored to insure they are alive and well in the school.

Our Five Expectations serve as the organizing framework for our academic program. Students have to demonstrate proficiency in each of the five expectations prior to graduation. The Ten Commitments are the values our students are striving to internalize as they live the experience of Eagle Rock.

Regardless of the year or decade, you can count on us to maintain an unwavering amount of support for the always evolving practices associated with engaging youth in their own education.

Happy New Year indeed!

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