Spring Break 2016 Now Underway at Eagle Rock School

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Our 2016 spring break began late last week by saying goodbye to the six students who made up our 68th graduating class. Then, just 24 hours later (Sat., April 9), all Eagle Rock School students left campus for home and parts unknown, and some of our instructors and staff members tied up loose ends before heading off for trimester breaks of their own.

Spring in Estes Park

For many of us within the Eagle Rock family, this three-week period is a welcome respite from the classroom, enabling students and staff to rejoin their families in homes across the nation, or to head off on well-deserved vacations.

However, for some, spring break at Eagle Rock is an opportunity to continue our efforts to re-engage youth in their own education. For instance, the Eagle Rock Professional Development team will be working with schools in Reno, Nev., St. Paul, Minn., Sheboygan, Wis., Milwaukee, Wis., and a number of locations throughout Vermont.

Because staff schedules aren’t as directly connected to the flow of Eagle Rock School academic trimesters, many of us will remain on campus — getting a lot done while taking advantage of a quiet campus setting to get even more accomplished.

But that silence and solitude comes to a pleasant end on Monday, May 2, when our full staff returns to campus, followed the next Sunday (May 8) by returning students intent on making the most of house retreats that are scheduled Monday, May 9 through Wednesday, May 11.

Prior to new students arriving for the start of ER-69 on May 14 (“ER-69” is the 69th trimester in the history of Eagle Rock School), returning students will participate in EagleServe (May 12-13). Also on the calendar at around the same time are two other noteworthy events, both of which offer opportunities to support the Eagle Rock School Graduate Higher Education Fund:

Meanwhile, parents or other community members interested in contacting an Eagle Rock staff member during spring break is encouraged to send an email to that person. Many of us check our email during break and will respond to queries based on availability. But before you do, please check Eagle Rock’s Frequently Asked Questions online via our website.

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