Summer Break 2018 at Eagle Rock School

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It’s not necessarily a ghost town around campus today as the first week of the summer trimester break gets underway, but with three of our students graduating last Friday and our student body departing for their hometowns the following day, it’s quieter here than normal.

Adding to the lack of frenetic activity is the fact that we recently said goodbye to our 2017/2018 cohort of Public Allies Teaching Fellows, although three of them — Tommy McAree (Literature & Literacy), Felicia Walker (Residence Life) and Micah Saugen (Science) — will be returning as second-year fellows for Eagle Rock School trimesters 76 through 78.

We also bid farewell to a handful of veteran staff members, including Jon Anderson, a Human Performance & Outdoor Education Instructional Specialist and2018 Instructional Coach. John has been named instructional coach at Mapleton Expeditionary Learning School of the Arts (MESA) in Thornton, Colo.

(Jon Anderson — top & left — leading his final piece of national work for Eagle Rock ... helping launc Austin’s newest Innovation Academy. Image credit: Michael Soguero.)
(Jon Anderson — top & left — leading his final piece of national work for Eagle Rock … helping launch Austin’s newest Innovation Academy. Image credit: Michael Soguero.)

Jen Frickey headed back to Canada and will be working with Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Jen began her Eagle Rock career as an intern in our Human Performance Center back in 2001 and served in several capacities before becoming our Director of Curriculum in 2012. Meanwhile, we recently had the opportunity to welcome Professional Development Associate Sarah Bertucci as our new Director of Curriculum.

Other staffers departing include Anna Magle-Haberek, who will be teaching at STEM School Highlands Ranch, a K-12 campus in Douglas County, Colo.; and Bea Salazar, who is heading off to work with the University of Colorado-Boulder as an Academic Coach for the Academic Advising Center for the College of Arts & Sciences. We’ll have a detailed post about new staff in the coming weeks as those searches and onboarding processes continue.

Of course, our Professional Development Center (PDC) crew continues its work over the trimester break, with Michael Soguero, our Director of Professional Development, supporting the Link School on Curriculum Design here at our Professional Development Center this Friday. Michael is also supporting Algebra Project on leadership voice in Miami on Sept 6 and 7.

Meanwhile, Dan Condon, our Associate Director of Professional Development, is leading a professional development capacity building session for I Have a Dream of Boulder, Colo., on Aug. 20 and 21. Then he is visiting New Visions Charter School for the Humanities IV on Aug. 24 to meet with the principal and staff of this new client, located in Queens, N.Y. Dan returns to I Have a Dream of Boulder on Sept. 7 to focuson other Professional Learning Community work to support classroom practice.

Things will start to pick up around our mountainside campus the first day of September when 10 new Public Allies Teaching Fellows arrive, followed by all staff members on Sept. 10 and veteran students returning on Sept. 16.

Our House retreats get underway Sept. 17 through 19, with EagleServe scheduled within the community on Sept. 20 and 21.

Our new students arrive on Sept. 22 — just in time to be oriented and sent off on a three-week wilderness course on Oct. 1. And regular classes for everyone else begin on Sept. 24.

If you need to reach anyone at Eagle Rock during this break of ours, please consider sending an email to that instructor or staff member. Many of our staff check email during break and will respond to messages based on availability.


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