Eagle Rock Students Are Halfway through Another Educational Explore Week

Regular classes have been set aside for the week as Eagle Rock students turn their attention to physical and mental explorations that range from touring Labyrinth Canyon via canoe, to a tour of nearly a dozen colleges and universities in Southern California for those seeking a higher education when they graduate from Eagle Rock School.

It’s all part of Explore Week, with unique course offerings that fall well outside the realm of formal education and more into the category of leaping feet first in to real-life experiences. Students are currently halfway through this — one of three Explore Weeks held each year— and below is a listing and brief description of the six course offerings in which they are participating:

25th Anniversary Prep Crew: For this course, 10 students have volunteered to stay on campus to help us produce this weekend’s 25th anniversary celebration of Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center’s founding back in the early 1990s. (Learn more about this weekend’s celebrations by visiting our 25th Anniversary section of our website.)


Several of these students are learning about event management and organization, while others are getting an education in property maintenance and management. In addition to picking up a fistful of service hours, these students will play a vital role in making sure that everything is in place for a successful anniversary celebration this coming weekend.

There are also fun evening activities underway throughout the week, giving students the chance to Continue reading…

Meet the Team: Sandy Rivera, Eagle Rock’s HR and Admin Assistant

Sandy Rivera Eagle Rock School PhotoWhen it comes to overseeing the myriad Human Resources and Administration functions within the Eagle Rock School & Professional Development Center environment, we count on Sandy Rivera — an Eagle Rock School graduate herself — to ensure there’s an accurate, complete and correct assessment of many important details.

Sandy keeps close tabs on much of our administrative functions, ranging from fundraising for our Graduate Higher Education Fund to campus safety, risk management and numerous special projects. In addition, we’re excited to share she’s about to become the new houseparent of Juniper House.

In our continuing effort to help the Eagle Rock community know our staff better, we sat down with Sandy for a short Q&A about herself. Here’s what she revealed:

Eagle Rock: What did you do prior to coming to work for Eagle Rock? 

Sandy Rivera: For eight years, I was the benefits manager, worker’s compensation coordinator, safety officer and wellness team leader for Jay Nolan Community Services. That nonprofit organization assisted adults and children with autism and other developmental disabilities for all of Southern California and a small community in Northern California.

Eagle Rock: Where did you go to college and what did you study?

Sandy: For the artistic side of me, I attended Continue reading…