We’re Looking for a Language & Literacy Instructional Specialist

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Once again, we’re searching for a qualified candidate to join our instructional team — this time as a Language & Literacy Instructional Specialist. The winning applicant will serve as part of our anti-racist, social justice-focused instructional team, and will be charged with leading our school’s efforts to deliver literacy to all students with our own brand of competency-based curriculum.

But before we get to the requirements for the job, we should advise anyone who is interested in working at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center that our preference is for instructors who consider their positions as more of a calling than just a job. To that end, we will be asking you to consider working as a residential Houseparent for student housing. Further, we will ask that you mentor students one night a week. And we’d like our new instructor to be an active member of the Eagle Rock community by attending community meetings, helping with on- and off-campus service projects, and sharing your unique skills, ranging from sports to poetry to any other talents.

Now for the requirements of the job. Candidates for the Language & Literacy Instructional Specialist position must possess:

  • A Bachelor of Arts or Science in English or a related degree, with a master’s degree preferred
  • Extensive experience working with adolescents
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills
  • A commitment to personal and professional growth
  • Experience living and working in a residential setting is preferred

In addition, candidates should have experience teaching high school English with a variety of course designs and program models; experience in the approaches advocated for by Big Picture Learning, Expeditionary Learning, or similar progressive school models; experience with competency-based and interdisciplinary curriculum design; and, a commitment to experiential education, project-based learning, and literacy across the curriculum.

Paramount to the success of any instructional specialist’s tenure at Eagle Rock is the ability to work collaboratively both inside and outside the classroom. That means you must have experience working with diverse populations including students from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, LGBTQ students, and students from low-income backgrounds.

Finally, candidates must have a deep love of work with high school students and colleagues; interpersonal skills; a sense of humor; visionary thinking — and follow-through; a commitment to lifelong learning; seasoned judgment; and, a passion for living and working with students in a residential setting.

Primary among the responsibilities of our new language and literacy instructor are the following:

  1. A commitment to anti-racist social justice education, competency-based curriculum, and Eagle Rock’s Values
  2. Develop, implement, and refine an innovative interdisciplinary Language and Literacy curriculum across all departments that empowers students
  3. Provide schoolwide literacy with a focus on creating learning experiences that develop literacy both in and outside of the classroom
  4. Partner with local libraries to cultivate and curate an on-campus library collection focused on fostering adolescent literacy
  5. Steward department budget, facilities, inventory, and resources

If the position sounds like something you’d be eager to take on, please use this link to apply.

The position will remain open until it is filled, with phone interviews currently underway and onsite interviews scheduled through December and onsite interviews extending into January if necessary.

Questions about the position and the timeline referenced above may be sent by email to Janet Johnson (johnson at eaglerockschool dot org). Sorry but we cannot accept phone calls or paper submissions of the requested application materials.

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