When It Comes to Social Media, Eagle Rock Continues to be Authentic

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Authenticity matters. It matters in the classroom, where students are much smarter and interested than many educators want to give them credit for. And it matters online, where followers and fans of brands, organizations, and institutions know when you’re trying to be something that you’re not.

Here at Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center, we’re known for our tactful yet radical candor. When we publish a blog post or something through one of our social media channels, you can expect that it will be authentic, meaningful, and beneficial for those who care about engaging youth in their own education and/or keeping up with what’s happening within our school or professional development center for educators.

Eagle Rock School Social Media

If authenticity matters to you, then we’d like to “re-invite” you to visit and engage with us through our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. With so many people visiting our social accounts, it is imperative that we continue to make improvements. For instance, there’s the Home page of our website, which now features a visual news feed displaying all of the latest Eagle Rock-related content broken out by social platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Here’s a snapshot of where to find, follow, and engage with us through social media:

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/EagleRockSchool) is where you’ll find short editorial write-ups and links to our latest blog posts, job openings, videos, and colorful imagery that illustrates life on our campus adjacent to the Rocky Mountains. To follow us on Facebook using either the Facebook app or the web version of the world’s most popular social media platform, visit the site and click on the “Like” button on the URL displayed above. You can also use Facebook to send us messages (using the Send Message link on our Facebook Page).

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/eaglerockschool/ and @EagleRockSchool using the Instagram app) is where our visuals are on full display. These range from photographs of incoming students participating in New Student Wilderness Orientation to returning students engaging with the local community during our thrice-annual Eagle Serve program. There are shots from our professional development engagements across the country and images from around our campus in Estes Park. Our Instagram account is the most visual of our online offerings. Following us on Instagram is as easy as clicking the Follow button on our Instagram page. And while you can view Instagram activity on a desktop or laptop computer, you’ll need the Instagram app to follow us.

YouTube (https://www.YouTube.com/EagleRockSchool) is where you can enjoy more than 100 Eagle Rock videos, as well as receive alerts when new videos are added to our official YouTube Channel. To subscribe, visit the website address above, log in, and click the Subscribe button.

Twitter (https://twitter.com/EagleRockSchool) for us doesn’t occupy as much focus as Facebook and Instagram, but it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in keeping daily tabs on what’s happening within this world of progressive education. That’s because each day, our Twitter feed features the Eagle Rock Daily on Educational Reform — a curated selection of education-related news from across the nation. Click the Follow button on our Twitter page to receive our daily alerts in your Twitter news feed.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn where we update education professionals on what’s happening on our blog, and Pinterest, where we occasionally share quotes for educators and educational infographics.

While we crave, honor, and value authentic face-to-face interaction, we do owe a debt of gratitude for the advent of social media, which brings us updates and insights about our favorite people and things in a timely and comprehensive manner.

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